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Are you interested in leading a fulfulling life in our Abbeyfield House and want to find out more about our Service?
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from prospective residents

Whats the difference between a Supported Sheltered Home and a care home?

Supported Sheltered Houses offer rented accomodation for older people who want a supported,
but independant lifestyle. Residents receive as much support from their
House Manager and volunteers as they require, yet are able to look after
 themselves in many other ways. Two cooked meals are provided every day.

Will my room be decorated and furnished?

You will move into your unfurnished room in good decorative order,
fitted carpet and nets are included. This
is to allow you to bring your own choice of furnishings.

Will I have a  my own telephone ?

All our rooms have their own telephone lines installed in their room.

What is a sponsor?

We always suggest that you choose a trusted relative, friend or
professional adviser to be a sponsor or representative who we
can contact and consult in an emergency.
They do not have to pay any money, they just provide support.

When are staff on duty?

We have staff on duty most of the day, and a Resident Housekeeper
 who lives on site.We provide the Careline facility which can be used
 in case of an emergency if staff are off duty .

How can I find out if Abbeyfield Uxbridge will suit me?

If you are interested in joining us here, we always suggest potential
 residents to have a weeks trial stay, this allows both you and us
 to see if your needs can be supported

                               Here are some of our residents views on Abbeyfield:

When I came to view Abbeyfield, I wanted to come in the next day and stay,
 it was so lovely.
I tried it out for 1 week and couldn't wait to come back to be amongst
people, especially the staff who are very good.      Jesse 94 years old

I came to Abbeyfield at a sad time in my life, I had just lost my mother
who was 99years old whom I had cared for at home.
Coming to Abbeyfield gave me a home where I have company
 as and when I like, meals provided, and the peace of mind
that there is always help on hand if I need it. 
The gardens here are great to sit outside in the company of
both family and friends. We come and go as we like and do everything
the same as we would in your own home, but without any worries    
Michael  78 year old

At my home here in Abbeyfield I always have someone to talk to. 
If I need a hand with something there is always someone there to help me.
The houses are always very clean, and the staff are very helpful.
We have varied meals which we all have together in our dining room.
I come and go as I like, friends and family visit any time.          
Eva  83 years old

Everytime I wake in the morning I know there is always someone coming
a long to check I am OK and greet me with a "Good Morning". There's a
coffee morning everyday of the week with the morning quiz, and I have
the company of my friends here too.
I dont go out so much now, but I know I can if I want as and when I want to.

                                                                                          Brian 78 years old